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What is balayage?

A French word meaning to ‘sweep’ or ‘to paint’.
What does it do?
Balayage uses less colour to create a wonderful sun-kissed, natural look (Marie Claire 2016). It adds brightness to hair to leave it soft and shimmering.
Looking for a more gentle, youthful image but worried about the possible harsh effects of colouring? Balayage is perfect for you! Our colour technician will highlight exact sections of your hair, applying just the right amounts of colour – in either precise strips, exacts blocks or a combination of the two.
Easy to maintain?
Balayage is a very low maintenance technique that does away with foils. Subtle strokes of colour are painted on so ‘grow out’ is much less noticeable. Your colour will look fresher and last younger. It’s perfect if you have a busy lifestyle and want to combine fashion and convenience.
Want to find out more?
Please book a free consultation at Lockstock Hairdressing.
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